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vie, 24 may


Mount Glorious

CR© Creative Retreat "Love Yourself"

Participants will learn the steps to self-acceptance, investigating their blocks and practicing forgiveness and acknowledging resilience to build confidence in each "here and now" to achieve their future goals.

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CR© Creative Retreat  "Love Yourself"
CR© Creative Retreat  "Love Yourself"

Time & Location

24 may 2024, 17:00 GMT+10 – 26 may 2024, 14:00 GMT+10

Mount Glorious, Mount Glorious Rd, Mount Glorious QLD 4520, Australia

About the event

✴️CREATIVE Retreat "Love Yourself"

"Treat yourself"

During the Retreat: 

  • Participants will learn the steps to self-acceptance, investigating their blocks practicing forgiveness, and acknowledging resilience to build confidence in each "here and now" to achieve their future goals. 
  • Time to relax by doing creative and transformative activities.
  • Enjoy the environment in a place full of peace.
  • Recognize the efforts you have made and are making every day of your life and give yourself time to love yourself and give yourself time and receive support to design your future Goals.
  • We will use a wide variety of media (painting, drawing, writing) and creative techniques. No prior art or therapy experience is necessary. It will be a place to explore and enjoy without our inner critic! Creativity, Poetry, Art Journaling, Mandalas, Dreams, drawing, Coloring, Painting, Movement, Rituals, and personal growth.

Days of the retreat 2024:

Friday May 24th, 2024 from 5 pm

Saturday May 25th, 2024

Sunday May 26th, 2024 until lunchtime (included)

Venue: Mount Glorious Luxury Retreat- Brisbane



Sharing Room (Twin beds).  Each Room Features:

Twin beds.

Fridge, Kettle, and pod coffee machine

Ensuite with Shower and Mini Bath

Reading chair

Blockout Curtains

Australian Botanical Toiletries by Leif

  • Catering Included (Friday dinner until Sunday lunch)

Participating in a retreat that aligns with your needs and goals can offer a wide range of benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Here are some of the potential benefits of attending a retreat focused on relaxation, self-reflection, and creativity from a Gestalt Therapy perspective, especially in a beautiful natural setting:

  • Stress reduction: Retreats typically provide a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing you to detach from stressors and focus on relaxation. This can lead to reduced levels of stress and anxiety. 
  • Mindfulness and self-awareness: In a retreat setting, you can practice mindfulness, which involves being fully present in the moment. This can enhance your self-awareness, leading to a better understanding of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 
  • Creative expression: Retreats often encourage creative activities, such as art, writing, or music. Engaging in creative expression can help you tap into your emotions and foster personal growth and self-discovery. 
  • Time for reflection: Retreats provide dedicated time and space for introspection and contemplation. This can help you gain insights into your life, relationships, and future goals. 
  • Personal growth: By focusing on yourself and your needs during the retreat, you can foster personal growth and development. It can be an opportunity to address unresolved issues and work on self-improvement. 
  • Clarity and decision-making: Being away from the usual distractions and responsibilities can help you gain clarity on important life decisions, including those related to your career, relationships, and future goals. 
  • Connection with like-minded individuals: Retreats often attract people with similar interests and goals. Building connections with others can provide a sense of community and support during your journey. 
  • Improved focus and productivity: Taking time to rest and recharge can boost your focus and productivity when you return to your regular routines. 
  • Nature's therapeutic effects: Being in a beautiful natural setting can have a calming and rejuvenating effect on your mind and body. Nature is known to reduce stress and promote overall well-being. 
  • Physical health benefits: Many retreats also include activities like yoga, meditation, or outdoor exercises, which can have positive effects on your physical health, flexibility, and fitness. 
  • Emotional healing: Engaging in therapeutic activities, such as group discussions or one-on-one counseling if available, can help with emotional healing and processing unresolved issues. 
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills: The combination of relaxation, self-reflection, and creative activities can stimulate your mind and enhance your problem-solving abilities.

It's important to note that the benefits of a retreat can vary from person to person, depending on individual needs and experiences. To get the most out of a retreat, it's essential to be open to the process, actively participate, and embrace the opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Registrants can obtain their CPD /OPD hours (non-endorsed activities)

AASW CPD hours

ACA OPD hours


OTA hours

Contact your Association and confirm the CPD points.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation CPD hours related to:

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Mindfulness Cognitive therapy
  • Positive relationships
  • Burn out
  • Teamwork
  • Cultural competency

Indicated also for corporations

Learning Objectives:

  • Gestalt art therapy techniques combined with participants' skills and professional objectives.
  • Mindfulness and stress management.
  • Through the proposed activities during the Retreat participants will develop skills and knowledge for self-care, managing stress, workload, and burnout, and building authentic relationships for team workers.
  • Intervention Strategies: Participants will learn a wide range of therapeutic interventions tailored to individuals' needs, including adaptive strategies, therapeutic exercises, and environmental modifications.

All the techniques gained during the retreat can be implemented in any kind of Therapy intervention/session, utilizing art as a tool for the physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial development of clients, with different abilities, and ages (Children, Adolescents, families)

​Cost per person:

Become a member Silver or Gold

Members of the Gestalt Art Therapy CLUB (Silver or Gold )

Click here to pay by Credit card (paypal) Payments before April 1st, 2024  $1640 per person

Payments after April 1st, 2024 $1850 per person

​Contact us for a payment plan

Non Members of the Gestalt Art Therapy Club

Click here to pay by Credit card (paypal) Payments before April 1st, 2024  $1850 per person

Payments after April 1st, 2024  $2050 per person

​►Contact us for a payment plan

Available 2 spots for couples/ friends (Sharing bed)

Payments before April 1st, 2024 are $2995 per couple

Payments after April 1st, 2024  $3280 per couple


We are not registered for GST

Participation costs are per person. (Registration for couples, the price is for two people)

Payments through Paypal will have 3% of applied Paypal commission in each payment/ refund through this platform.

Ask us for Bank details if you do not want to pay PayPal commission fees.

Please read more information about the cancellation policy.

Please note:

Covid Requirements

Following the Australian Government Health Department's indications and to offer a safe space for all participants and Retreat leaders.

Every participant before being admitted to each Event/ Retreat/ Face-to-face session/ workshop:

• Before the start of the Retreat/workshop/ session temperature measures will be taken. If the participant has symptoms like fever (37°C or more), coughing, sore throat, or shortness of breath, unfortunately, he/she will not be admitted to the Retreat/ event.

Important information from Government:

Testing positive for COVID-19

Any person who tests positive for COVID-19 will need to immediately isolate at home or other suitable accommodation for at least 7 full days from the date the person had their test. Follow the advice from Queensland Health, including the first steps to take if you have COVID-19.

Close Contact

If you are a close contact, on the day of the event/ session you should have a negative test and wear a mask.

If there is a positive test, please contact us with this information.

Regarding face-to-face Retreats/  workshops/ sessions, clients who tested COVID-19 positive must have passed a minimum of 14 days after COVID-19 to be able to have a face-to-face participation/ session and have a RAT negative test.

Please read the information about cancelations and refunds here.

Contact us for more info:

Cancellation policy:

If the Retreat cannot go ahead due to the decision of the leaders, the Retreat will be postponed and participants will receive the information of the next dates of the event. Please note that if this situation happens, it is not a cancellation, it is a postponed event and economic refunds will not be possible for participants. If you booked and paid for the retreat and you cannot participate in the new dates, the amount that you paid, can be transferred to a friend or you can be used to participate in other of our events or to use at our store to buy our books and our products. If you cancel your participation in this retreat before March 1st, 2024, you will receive 100% of the paid amount that you did. If you cancel your participation after March 1st, 2024, you will not receive any economic refund, and/ or credit to be used later, in any circumstances including sickness, Covid positive, etc.

Contact us for more info:

Participating in this retreat means that you accept all of these conditions.

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